Website Page Ranking Drill Down

Search engines decide website ranking. If your content is genuine then it ranks well by search engines. Search engines monitor each and everything of our websites. How many visitors are getting daily, How many visitors are getting for a particular post, to which selected keywords of our website is getting traffic, number of inbound links etc. Search engine also checks whether our content is real or not. If our content is copied then search engines may not index our pages. Search engine will not leave any website without crawling. But it takes much time to rank website. Few major key points are given below for better ranking by search engines.
Keywords play a major role:

Does keyword play major role in ranking website? YES
Keywords and keyword density plays a major role in ranking website. Strength of the content totally depends on keywords. So rich keywords should be placed in Title, headings, tags, meta tags and throughout the page. Check your competitor website and check which keywords is he using for the specific post. By comparing his website decide your keywords and keyword density. Google spiders always check keyword frequency and keyword density. So always choose good keyword frequency for better ranking.

Age of domain:
One of the major criteria is the age of domain for better ranking. Never change your domain name in the middle. The age of the domain is usually a clue they tend to be in for the long haul. If your website has got popularity then leave. If your change your domain name then you back at the bottom of the barrel. If your content is well and good enough then you might have chances for getting traffic because of incoming links. If your content is good then you are just a temporary drop and the rise will be happen again soon. Always try to register your domain name for five years. Search engines always check age of domain to rank website. Consider your website contains 100 posts but domain is new ,it dosent indicate that you are going to be ranked well by google or any search engine. Search engines take time to index your posts. After indexing your posts it checks each and every post. So we can say that age of domain is the main criteria for better ranking. Higher the age better will be the ranking.

Posting Frequency:
You have to monitor your content and update it regularly over time. It is suspicious if you add 100 articles at a time. Always add slowly and submit your content to all bookmarking sites and major search engines if possible. I prefer submitting my content to major bookmarking sites such as digg and technorati after each and every post. Don’t make it much slow my adding once in week. It doesn’t improve your website ranking in search engines. Many webmaster’s answer is that frequent new or updated content carries more weight than infrequent changes to the site. If you do hit and miss content updating and additions over time, and then suddenly post a ton of activity, this can also be seen as instability and suspicious. Steady and consistent, no matter how frequently, adds weight to the score. So content is the major criteria for better ranking in search engines.

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