The Ultimate Guide To Increasing Web Traffic



Your website should be at the heart of your online strategy. It is the hub for all the information about your company. It should lead your customers to the ultimate goal of buying your goods or services. However, if you treat it simply as checkout, you will never increase web traffic or create a loyal user base. If you are experiencing slow sales then you need some tricks for increasing traffic.

Web traffic relies on a number of variables. A high ranking on search engines is vitally important. You need to extend your reach through social networks and build a loyal community. On top of your regular services, you should provide great content in your particular field.


If you haven’t already, install Google Analytics onto your website. It is the ultimate tool for monitoring web traffic. It will tell you many visitors you get, whether they are new or returning visitors and where they came from. It is important to understand more than the numbers. You need to analyze how your users are finding you. What’s working and what’s not?


Ensuring a strong ranking on Google is one the most important aspects of your online strategy. Most of your new visitors will arrive through search engines. They need to be able to find you by searching for your services. You can hire the skills of a professional or help increase your ranking by yourself. However, don’t try and play the system. Google will penalize you and your web traffic will nosedive. Then you’ll have to figure out the complex process of Google penalty removal.

Social Networks

Your web presence shouldn’t stop at your website. Think of your website as the sun. The sun is the hub, but you need many social networks revolving around it. Make sure you are sharing your content and services through Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram. Each of these have their own community of people you can reach. Back on your website, make sure that every piece of content can be shared on social media. Provide regular links for people to follow you or join a social community.

Your web presence should be a series of intertwining links. You should be constantly referring traffic back and forth.


Content is a great way to build up web traffic. People love to get lost in entertaining and helpful blogs. Make sure your website provides this. Solve a problem for a customer and you’ll earn a life-long visitor. Great content will also be shared online. It’s a cheap marketing technique and will extend your reach into areas you wouldn’t normally touch. It will create a healthy flow of traffic to your site.


Finally, make sure your website design is user friendly. Increasing web traffic is no good if they don’t stay there! Intuitive design and a good user experience is essential. Speak with a web designer to make sure your customers are following a set route to your goals. Make it simple and you’ll create a loyal user base.
Increasing web traffic is a complex business. It all works through a delicate web that you must keep on top of. Firstly, increase your reach with content and social networks. Then make sure you build a loyal customer base with easy design and more social networks! Keep track of your traffic with Google Analytics and constantly adapt. There are millions of potential customers out there just waiting to be found.

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