12 Best Cross Browser Compatibility Testing Tools

Cross browser compatibility testing is one of the biggest pain for Software testers, UI of web based application are always broken into some browser or another and sometimes on same browsers but on different operating systems. To minimize the pain of browser compatibilities check out the following list of all cross browser testing tools available […]

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15 Most Commonly Used Selenium WebDriver Command’s in Java

Selenium 2.0 also known as WebDriver is the best automation tool for web and offers very user friendly learning and impressive work. WebDriver has covered all the limitation of Selenium RC and work on a standalone server. Here is the basic and most commonly used functions of  WebDriver with Java. Popup Windows and Frames Popup window handling is […]

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Selenium Is The Best Open Source Automation Testing Tool for Web

Selenium is a Web Browser Automation testing is an open source tool for automating web applications written by ThoughtWorks. It has support of all the browser in the market and possibly all the available language like JAVA, PHP, Python and Ruby. Java and Ruby are two more popular language used with selenium along with some more third […]

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Zephyr 2.0, an Innovative Test Management System

Zephyr 2.0 is a flexible and affordable test management tool, which features like customized desktops, live and automated dashboard, instant collaboration and real time reporting. On top of being a QA test planning, management and reporting tool, Zephyr 2.0 acts as a bridge between test management system and issue tracking software. By partnering with Atlassian, […]

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Quality Process and Management of web applications

Quality itself has been defined as fundamentally relational:  ‘Quality is the ongoing process of building and sustaining relationships by assessing, anticipating, and fulfilling stated and implied needs. “Quality is the extent to which products, services, processes, and relationships are free from defects, constraints, and items which do not add value for customers.” You cannot improve […]

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10 regression/functional web testing tools

Testing tools often saves time and helps cutting testing time as web applications often suffers from bugs, inconsistent behaviors, usability issues, incorrect functionality, security issues and even the believed expectations of the customer. Its imperatively hard to determine bugs and fixes while development phase is in progress, keeping records drafting a bug sheet determining priority […]

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Web Application Security

How would you determine whether your website is being hacked or not? Read the way hacker steals the information and hacks your website. Moreover, how you can help preventing your website being hacked. IS YOUR WEBSITE HACKABLE? Some hackers, for example, will take advantage of web application vulnerabilities and may maliciously inject code within vulnerable […]

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Black Box Testing Strategy

What is a Black Box Testing Strategy? Black Box Testing is not a type of testing; it instead is a testing strategy, which does not need any knowledge of internal design or code etc. As the name “black box” suggests, no knowledge of internal logic or code structure is required. The types of testing under […]

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Testing your web application

Web applications are becoming more prevalent and increasingly more sophisticated, and as such they are critical to almost all major online businesses. As with most security issues involving client/server communications, Web application vulnerabilities generally stem from improper handling of client requests and/or a lack of input validation checking on the part of the developer. The […]

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