Excellent SEO Tips For New Website Owners

Anyone who launches a new website in the near future will need to concentrate at least some of their time on SEO. That is the only way to ensure you rank in the best positions for your chosen keywords on Google. Of course, it will also alter the way in which your site is displayed […]

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SEO: On Page v/s OFF Page SEO Debate

On Page versus Off Page: The Great SEO Debate

On page. Off page. What is the most important? Is it even worth pitting the two against each other? Can’t we all just get along? When it comes to SEO, there are always “great debates”. The on versus off page is the same as any other. But, when it comes to using on and off […]

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What Matt Cutts (Google) Think About Meta Description

Recently, we have realized that Google is showing snippets as per search query rather than Meta description of the page. So is Google doing away with meta description just like it did for meta keywords? Check out this video where Matt Cutts from Google explains what Google thinks about Meta description. I hope this will […]

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Keyword Hierarchy: Sometimes Second Really Is Best

Only a small percentage of people who have ever connected to the Internet hasn’t used a search engine. Those users are generally focused on email only. Practically everyone else uses a favorite engine to surf, read, buy, chat or comment on forums, blogs and social networks. Users enter words that are key to their interest—keywords, […]

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Should You Optimize Your Website For Bing Search Engine – How?

Webmasters who optimize their site for search engines typically care about Google and Yahoo but what about Microsoft’s Bing. Its a new search engine which is quite promising. It’s easy for businesses to get caught up in Google’s expectations for their sites, when trying to market through search. That’s certainly a wise thing to do, […]

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google caffeine - Google's Next Generation Search Engine

Google Caffeine – Google’s Next Generation Search Engine

Google Caffeine is the name given to Google’s “Next Generation” search engine, which it will use to rank and index all the pages on the wonderful world wide web. According to all indications, this is not just another one of Google’s infamous Updates, but a major “Overhaul” of its index and algorithm, the complex formula […]

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How To Get Website Backlinks in an organic way

How To Build Website Backlinks By Using An Organic Approach

How to build website backlinks in an organic way? The question is not so simple as you need to first know What are “backlinks”? Well, Backlinks are links that are directed towards your website which are also termed as Inbound links (IBL). They represent the popularity or importance as more and more people (sites) linking […]

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Extensive list of popular SEO tools

Optimizing your website for best SEO isn’t an easy task. You need to take care many things before you start getting enough web attention. SEO tools helps checking many aspects which may be missed while development phase. The following extensive list of popular SEO tools will surely help you find the answers to your questions […]

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7 Tips to Optimize your blog for SEO Success

SEO for a blog is different than SEO for most other websites, largely because of the social elements baked into blogging technology. SEO for blogs is less about buying links or tricking inadequate search technology. SEO for blogs is more focused on giving people something to talk about and creating something worthy of attention. Lets […]

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Website Page Ranking Drill Down

Search engines decide website ranking. If your content is genuine then it ranks well by search engines. Search engines monitor each and everything of our websites. How many visitors are getting daily, How many visitors are getting for a particular post, to which selected keywords of our website is getting traffic, number of inbound links […]

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