Computers In Business: Are You Maximizing Your Potential?

There’s no denying it: we live in a digital age. From a business perspective, embracing the modern culture is essential if you want the company to thrive. After all, if you can’t beat them, join them. In 2016, it’s almost impossible to find a venture that doesn’t utilize those computing facilities in one shape or […]

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How To Administer Risk Associated With Web Applications

Corporate around the world are working on innovative ideas and building web based applications as they provide flexibility, low maintainability cost, rich functionality and adds up the benefits of its own. Companies offering services are also major player and they will stay in the market for very long time (as per survey). Software as a […]

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Linux v/s Windows: Linux is Winning

User community is slowly loosing its faith in Windows. Windows XP wins the heart of many people but Microsoft’s other products in OS range aren’t doing that well. Windows 7 is a buzz these days but many people from open source community feels that it will again be old wine in a new bottle. Community […]

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Are you banned by Akismet for spaming?

You must have experienced that you try to post comments on your friends blog but  your comment never appears. This happens because you are banned by Akismet. Akismet system has been protecting WordPress bloggers for a while now from comment and trackback spammers. Akismet system relies heavily upon blog owners marking your comments/trackbacks as spam […]

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New Heights for web applications

When it comes to programming, more specifically the development of web applications, it is important to consider all the tools of the trade before using the one that is going to be used for the job. PHP is great. With the release at the time of PHP 4 and now its time for PHP 6. […]

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Strong passwords-realistic or burdensome?

Hackers and information thieves grow more sophisticated everyday. That forces you, your company’s main line of defense, to be more diligent. Passwords are a good example of this constant drive to protect your small company’s data. Large organizations have the benefit of more sophisticated security measures and policies, but small businesses have to rely on […]

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10 common security mistakes that should never be made

The following is a list of ten security mistakes I see all the time. They’re not just common, though — they’re also extremely basic, elementary mistakes, that anyone with a modicum of security knowledge should know better than to make. Sending sensitive data in unencrypted email: Stop sending me passwords, PINs, and account data via […]

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