How To Get Domain, Subdomain, TLD, CTLD & Path from URL In PHP

Recently for one of our project i was supposed to get Country Name, Sub Domain, Top Level Domain (TLD), Country Level Domain (CTLD) and Path from the given URL which will further be inserted into the database. Many functions which we used to test different scenarios, failed to perform on some logic or another. While […]

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Integrating BrainTree Payment Gateway With PHP

BrainTree Payment Gateway API is cool enough for you to understand, but you need to setup the prerequisites first. This article assumes that you have installed the dependencies on your server. BrainTree API expect the followings: A Developer Sandbox Account – Create one here BrainTree Client Framework within your application – Download from here Now, […]

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How to create XML with PHP Mysql

How To Create XML With PHP MySQL

Nobody can deny the power and benefits of XML which is mostly used in Java and .Net environment extensively. Using XML in PHP is also very popular and you will notice many PHP based web applcations using XML to it’s extent. A popular PHP/Zend software Magento ecommerce is also using XML a lot which tells […]

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RBS WorldPay Integration With PHP

Integrating RBS WorldPay XML Direct Method with PHP

RBS Worldpay XML Direct model enables you to capture payment details on your own secure server and send the captured data to WorldPay for processing in preference to using WorldPay’s hosted payment pages. This connection model provides you with complete control over the look-and-feel of the payment experience for your customers. This model supports cardholder […]

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wordpress Posting Content via XML RPC

WordPress XMLRPC – Posting Content From Outside WordPress Admin Panel

Many WordPress blog owners these days prefer to post their blog content from outside. This facilitates the site owners to post blog posts without even loging into their WordPress admin panel. WordPress supports XMLRPC which can take requests and perform specific operations i.e. ‘Add Post’, ‘Edit Post’, ‘View Recent Posts’ or ‘Save a draft’. Lets […]

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PHP 5.3.0RC1 Release Candidate Available

Finally, PHP community have released their new candidate PHP 5.3.0 RC1 with lots of new features which were needed by the PHP developers from long time. This can be treated as the final release of PHP 5.x series, they will continue with PHP6 soon after they release it completely. Added Features PHP 5.3.0 offers many […]

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How to Import CSV File In Your PHP Application

PHP gives an ease when it comes to Import flat data (Data without hierarchical structure). If you are using XML to fetch and store data that is fine but what about the case when your client have excel sheet ready with multiple records to go into database. CSV (Comma Separated Values) format is a good […]

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How to Create Daemons in PHP

Developers are using PHP to create websites or web applications but very few developers are creating desktop applications or command line tools using PHP. There is a class System_Deamon, which can be used to create Deamons using PHP. What is a Daemon? A daemon is a Linux program that run in the background, just like […]

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10 PHP Tips to Improve Coding

10 PHP Tips to Improve Coding. PHP has seen a tremendous rise and support from the developer community and has become most popular programming language for the Web applications. Many popular websites are powered by PHP, and an overwhelming majority of scripts and Web projects are built with the popular language. Because of PHP’s huge […]

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PHP vs Python: Analysis

PHP vs Python – What does it take to state one language better than other? One answer can be flexibility, development friendly, licensing policy (open source or commercial), community,  portability, dynamic typing, support for variable number of function arguments and ability to freeze live objects in a string representation. Documentation of course is a major […]

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