How Google-Motorola Deal Will Change The Tech Industry

Google’s $12.5 billion purchase of Motorola Mobility will go down as one of the most important events in tech during this era. Other deals, such as AT&T’s $39 billion buyout of T-Mobile USA, are worth more money, but none of them will have as big of an impact on the tech industry (and as much […]

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Apple Play For TV market

Apple Unveils new iPod and Play For TV Market

Apple Inc has introduced a new version of Apple TV that allows audiences to rent series such as “Glee” and “Modern Family” for 99 cents, hoping to extend the popularity of its sleek devices to the living room. Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, at a presentation to reporters and investors on Wednesday, also rolled out a […]

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Top 10 Firefox Addons For Web Developers

Web developers often require tools to test, analyze and benchmark their web pages and to do so they use various web development products for different purposes. Those who are familiar with Firefox and use it extensively knows that Firefox browser supports added extensions/addons which can be freely downloaded from the Firefox addon site. Firefox community […]

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Top Reason To Use Linux On Your Netbook

Why would you need Linux as an operating system in the era of Microsoft products? Well, even though Microsoft brags about their software’s to be the best with excellent user experiences and ease still there are lots of things which are pretty annoying. Following is a list of top reasons why you need Linux as […]

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Microsoft And Yahoo Collaborated Against Google

Microsoft and Yahoo have signed a search engine deal to merge their search technology and advertisement operations. This move is highly inspired by Google 70% market share and now these two giants are trying to break their way into Google’s territory. he 10-year deal gives Microsoft an exclusive license to Yahoo’s search-engine technologies, which it […]

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Even Twitter Is Not XSS Safe

The Recent XSS attack on Twitter shows that even big site like twitter are not safe from XSS attack. Twitter is gaining popularity and so malicious users are trying to break it. Mike Mooney a 17-year-old teenager started playing with it as he got bored. After finding a cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability in the Twitter […]

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Google App Engine Got Boost from Java

Google App Engine got a new boost from Java. Previously, developers were stuck into Python code and they were forced to use Python to work on Google App Engine. Many devevelopers requested that it should support Java programs. Python is a favoured language at Google labs but not so much popular elsewhere so it was […]

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15 Firefox Extensions You Can’t Live Without

An extension is a small program or add on to Firefox and they have been around for as long as Firefox has. These extensions give you a super power if you will (or at least lets you do something you couldn’t do before.) Like automate things you do often or integrate a service right in […]

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Google admits breaking App Store rules

Google acknowledged breaking the official rules of Apple’s iPhone software development kit when it created the latest version of the Google Mobile application for the iPhone, but denied a more serious charge. A Google spokesman confirmed Tuesday that Google Mobile uses undocumented APIs (application programming interfaces) in order to use the iPhone’s proximity sensor to […]

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10 important facts to look for in a domain registrar

Every web site needs a domain name and it becomes identity of your organization. Domain registration business is growing fast with Godaddy on the top of the list. But sometimes you may run into serious problems or get surprised in the offering and end result. Technology professionals need a good, dependable registrar that offers the […]

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