Symfony 1.1 released with interesting features

Now the day has come to celebrate the immediate availability of the long awaited 1.1 stable release of the symfony framework!

  • The new architecture of symfony is more configureable and decoupled, allowing you to use or replace part of the framework very easily,
  • The new object-oriented form framework makes form creation and reuse a breeze,
  • The brand new task system allows to quicly make extensible batch scripts and command line utilities,
  • Symfony has now a decent YAML parser, with verbose error reporting,
  • The new plugin manager is now compatible with the PEAR standard API, handles plugins dependencies, and provides options for a better control on what you install,
  • The formats handling system can make your app behave and respond differently whether an iPhone, a bot, or a browser is requesting it,
  • The Propel 1.2 ORM is now bundled as a plugin, which means you can very easily switch to Doctrine or even to Propel 1.3 if you prefer,
  • The bundled sfCompat10Plugin will ensure that your 1.0 based projects will still work after having upgraded to 1.1!
  • The routing is now cached, so you can expect a significant performance boost when you got plenty of routes in your app. Also, the routing class is no more a singleton so you can now extend and reference it easily to fit your needs,
  • Even if that’s not really a feature, more than 8,500 unit and functional tests guarantee the overall stability of the framework codebase. We doubled the number of tests between 1.0 and 1.1!

All these can add great improvements in your development efforts.

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