Computers In Business: Are You Maximizing Your Potential?

There’s no denying it: we live in a digital age. From a business perspective, embracing the modern culture is essential if you want the company to thrive. After all, if you can’t beat them, join them. In 2016, it’s almost impossible to find a venture that doesn’t utilize those computing facilities in one shape or […]

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Things To Consider When Creating A Website For Business

All modern businesses need a functional and reliable website to promote their brand, products, and services. No matter which industry you might plan to dominate, a good online presence is essential if you want to beat the competition. There are a few basic rules that everyone should aim to follow, some of which we’re going […]

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security of web applications

Security Considerations for Web Applications

From websites to applications, website developers require to know almost everything there is about developing. There is plenty to consider when developing an existing platform or something from new. A brief may state that a new application must be user-friendly, accessible and secure. Over recent years, there is an enormous emphasis on building a web […]

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The Online Marketing Techniques You Can’t Function Without

If you’ve got an online store, then it goes without saying you’d like it to do as well as possible. This means that certain online marketing techniques and strategies are essential – otherwise, you wouldn’t get very far at all! Here are my favorite online marketing techniques…I doubt my business would function properly without the […]

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How To Fix Wrong Thumbnail Issue For FaceBook Comments

Recently i realized that if you have multiple images on your page and use Facebook comments or Facebook like then facebook creates wrong thumbnail in your wall. This happens because Facebook checks for first image or featured image in your page and if you have lots of images (even some thumbs) it considers them and […]

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Keywords that ruin resume

Top 50 Keywords That Can Ruin Your Resume

If you are looking for a job change and are aiming to write an eye-catching resume, this may surprise you. Some keywords or buzzwords you use in your CV could actually ruin your chances of getting that dream job. Why? According to Karen Burns, the author of the illustrated career advice book The Amazing Adventures […]

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mentoring entry level developers

Mentor Entry Level Developers In Easy 7 Steps

Every Organization needs to mentor the entry level developers to attain success in their future endeavors. So, if you are the one who is given an opportunity to teach and train your new people then following tips will be good for you. Not every developer can become a good mentor so if you think you […]

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Top 12 Smart Tips To Work With SQL

Your users probably don’t know a thing about SQL, but you know its value. It’s everywhere, it’s easy to learn, and SQL solutions are simple to implement. Whether you use SQL a lot or sparingly, working smarter with SQL will help you avoid errors and improve performance. Many SQLs are vendor-specific. The following tips apply […]

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What Does It Take To Become An Intermediate Programmer From Beginner

What does it take a beginner to become an intermediate programmer? Well the answer is not simple because the expertise, speed, efficiency and good coding practices etc. factors required may or may not be found in everyone. Internet is also divided in two types of blogs, articles, howto’s etc. Blog or articles aiming towards programming […]

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Recession? 10 Tips to Manage Your Recession Hit Staff

Recession has put companies in a fix to cut on every possible things like resources, pay and expenditure etc. Recession has hit hard on the economy and companies are feeling the wrath so does their managers. Its evident that this recession is not going to leave soon, so what are the best managerial tips to […]

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