Linkbuilding: The toughest Job in Web promotion

Linkbuilding is the most toughest job It take lots of time. There are many ways to build links. Never try to use cheap tricks to build links such as Link exchanges, link begging from bloggers and reciprocal links.

Quality Content: Our job is to write good Quality Content not link building. Quality content generate traffic to your blog. And bloggers keep your link in their blog. When any blogger reads your content he himself add your link. Your content attracts and makes others to give related back link. This is how you are getting related backlink.This is the best procedure to build links from related websites.

Article submission: Write an article related to your website niche and submit to all major article submission directories. Always try to write a good quality and lengthy content and place your website link below your content. Many visitors visit your site to read your content.And many bloggers will copy and paste your content in their websites with your website link. If your content has been copied by 3000 bloggers then you get 3000 related backlinks at a time. This is how you can build a great number of links at a time. If you are having blogger friends with high traffic and high pr,try to donate free articles to them. Write a lengthy article related to your niche. Keep half of the article in your website and remaining half give to your blogger friend and request a backlink to him. Many visitors comes to his website to read the article. And the continuation of the article will be in your website.In this way you can grab his visitors also in a proper way.

participation in related communities: Try to participate in related communities.If your website is about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) try to join all communities related SEO. For example my content is about “Linkbuilding: The toughest Job in Site promotion”. I am the member of some forum and i’ve posted this topic in that high ranked forum then many bloggers will ask questions related to this topic -how to build links- and many questions related to SEO. I hope you will get different ideas with their questions. If they like your content definitely they will keep your link in their website. We have to maintain a good relationship in those communities. After gaining a good reputation in those communities you will get a great number of backlinks.

Article submission in news papers: Many of my friends write good articles related SEO and submit to news papers to gain links. This is the direct way to approach the web masters. Why because if you quote any doubts to great websites such as Problogger etc . They are not going to answer you soon. Article submission in news papers is the direct way of approaching such a great webmasters. If they like your content they will give u a link. And this link is very very valuable.

These are the few major ways to build links. I already said link building is the toughest job. It takes lots of time to build link. If your website builds 1000 links at a time then it comes under scam list by search engines. So try to build slowly.

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