20 Must Have FireFox Add-ons, Plugins & Extensions

FireFox is undoubtedly one of the most usable browser in world and fist browsers to allow third party plugin and extension. There are numerous Firefox add-ons, extension available which are well compatible and offers great support and help to achieve the appropriate things such as Firebug for developers, Xpath finder for selenium testers and speed optimization plugins for SEO stuff. Top 20 […]

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Amazing Image Hover Effects of Advanced CSS3

The Cascading Style Sheets or CSS 3 offers free and amazing image hover effects,image slider,rotation and reflection. Here are the few examples of hover effects using different CSS properties. Source: Pure CSS3 images Hover Effects Grow Shrink CSS3 3D Image Hover Effect Vertical Pan Side Pan CSS3 Stacks with Pseudo Elements CSS3 Image Hover Effects Smooth […]

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25 Innovative and Creative Typography Designs

What really makes one typography intuitive, creative or innovative? Well, a lot goes on in the mind of the designer, team to come up with some of the best innovative & creative typography designs. Knowledge of fonts & typefaces is critical for creating these typography designs. You may notice that in some of the following […]

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