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State Bank of India on Friday reported a 24 per cent drop in net profit for fiscal year 2015 16 its sharpest annual fall in five years. India largest bank posted a net profit of crore for the year against the crore it recorded in the previous fiscal year.

Net profit for the fourth quarter ended March declined 66.23 per cent to crore. NPA provisioning for the quarter stood at crore ( crore).

The lower profit was a reflection of higher provisioning and cleansing of the balance sheet. SBI Chairman Arundhati Bhattacharya said that most stressed assets on the books have been recognised in the fourth quarter of 2015 16 and indicated that enhanced provisioning would continue in the first few quarters of the current fiscal year.

The SBI scrip shrugged off the disappointing results and rose 6.42 per cent to close at on the BSE. The bank board recommended a dividend of or 260 per cent, for 2015 16.

Total provisions for the year shot up to crore ( crore), of which provisions for NPAs totalled crore ( crore). SBI said its gross NPAs went up by 225 basis points to 6.50 per cent in 2015 16 (4.25 per cent in 2014 15). Canada Goose Jackets The gross NPA ratio for agricultural loans declined from 8.90 per cent to 6.93 per cent and remained stable for SME loans at around 7.8 per cent. The net impaired ratio (net NPAs plus net standard restructured assets) increased to 6.40 per cent from 6.18 per cent.

and above the loan loss provisions held on NPAs, we now have crore as additional provision, the bank said.

Large corporate advances rose 16.69 per cent in 2015 16 to crore, while mid corporate advances increased 6.93 per cent to crore and SME advances grew 4.44 per cent to crore. Bhattacharya said she expected to achieve 13 14 per cent overall loan growth in the current year. SBI interest income on advances grew 2.96 per cent to crore. She did not expect much pressure on the net interest margin (NIM) in the current year. However, any rate cut by the RBI may exert pressure on the NIM, she added. Treasury income was up 39 per cent in 2015 16.
Republicans are banking on Obamacare’s unpopularity in the Razorback State to oust Sen. Mark Pryor.

“What’s good for the goose ought to be good for the gander,” says the Arkansas Senate ad. “But not in Washington. Mark Pryor cast the deciding vote to makeyoulive under Obamacare. But Pryor voteshimself and everyone in Congress special subsidies, sothey’reprotected from Obamacare. Exemptions and special subsidies for Mark Pryor. Higher insurance premiums for you. Mark Pryor: VotingwithObama. VotingagainstArkansans like you.”

At issue is a GOP push to roll back a health care exemption for members of Congress and their staff, which they had attached to their government funding bill that stalled in the Democratic Senate. Democrats argue such a move puts an undue burden on often low paid congressional staff especially, who as government employees, would lose their employer contribution every other government employee gets.

While the shutdown could affect some primaries and races the GOP needs to take back the Senate, GOP strategists instead counter that opposition to Obamacare will win out and Arkansas could be ground zero. It’s a state that only gave President Obama 37% in 2012 and where opposition to the his health care law is high. Cotton, a freshman congressman, is hoping to oust Pryor, who didn’t even have an opponent the last time he was on the ballot.

The $70,000 buy in the Little Rock media market premiered this weekend during the University of Arkansas’ football game against the University of Florida, which they lost.

It’s a position Cotton reiterated last week during an appearancelast week onThe Daily Rundown,saying the original vote was clear in requiring congressional staff to be on the exchanges, which opened to the public last week.

“It was designed to ensure Congress had to eat their own cookie and understand what it was like to live under the exchanges,” said Cotton. “Democrats are refusing to take back the exemption that Obamacare gave them. They had a simple choice they can keep the government open or keep their special deal.”.

Summer is a great time to have some fun in the sun with the whole family including the family dog. But before hitting the beach or the trails, be sure to check that your favorite beach, trail or park is dog friendly.

Many Maine beaches either restrict access to certain hours of the day or prohibit dogs entirely. Commonly cited reasons include: owners not cleaning up after their dog, loose dogs interfering with other beach goers or dogs, and dogs approaching people who don want to be approached. For these reasons as well as others, more Maine beaches are being closed down to dogs and their owners.

However, there are many havens for dogs and their owners who just want to have some summer fun. The following tips will allow you and your pooch to have a summer filled with fun outings.

Research your area

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A recent publication by the owners of the Downeast Dog News has a comprehensive listing of dog friendly beaches, parks, trails, and recreation areas. Coupled with a Web site, “The Ultimate Guide to Dog Parks, Beaches and Trails in Maine” ($4.95) is a gem every dog owner should have in their travel bag.

The book is organized by geographic area and town, allowing a dog owner to quickly find the place they headed to and a corresponding dog friendly area. If there are restricted hours or ad mission fees, the book indicates that too.

Researching the area can help stave off disappointment and keep both you and your pooch cool and happy.

So what happens if you think the beach you want to go to is dog friendly, but it not? As a dog owner, respect the signs.http://www.cheapgoose.top If the beach is posted as restricted to your pooch, then don just set up on the beach anyway. Instead, if you set on spending the day at that beach, see if there an area near the water off the beach that you can set up at. If there is not an area, then it time to look for another beach or trail.

Pack all the essentials your pooch will need to have fun and stay cool. Always carry a leash for your dog, fresh and clean water, and poop bags. Consider also carrying some additional bags just in case.

The summer sun can cause pavement and sidewalks to get hot quickly. Before asking your pooch to walk long distances on pavement or sidewalks, ask yourself if you walk on it barefoot. If you wouldn try to find grassy or dirt areas to walk on instead. Periodically check your pooch pads to make sure they not burned.

Summer is a great time to experience nature, but don leave your dog in the car during the summer months. The inside of a car can become like an oven and dogs are not equipped to deal with extreme heat situations. If you don think pooch will be able to enjoy outside activities with you, then leave her home. Even five minutes on a hot day can be dangerous for pets.

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