A Guide to Building a Great Looking Site for Free


Although money is usually required when looking to make a high quality, professional looking website, you can create a perfectly good site for free with the tips and tricks in this post! Read on to build a quality website that you won’t have to pay for:

Make a Website Plan

Before you set up an account on a free site, decide what you’re going to focus on. You need to collect information, pictures, and write some text beforehand, so you know what your idea is an feel comfortable in the process. Are you going to use photos/artwork on the site? If so, you need to make sure that they’re royalty and copyright free. Also, deciding what you’re going to focus on beforehand will allow you to select the best platform to build your site.

Use Google

Use Google to perform a search for free sites and compare some of the choices. When using a free service, your site will be supported by advertising, so bear that in mind. Look for sites that have features and services that may be able to help you further too, especially if you suspect there’ll be a time when you want to start paying for your site.

Once you’ve set up your account, write down your password and username. This is essential: many people forget their username and password minutes after they’ve signed up to a site…we’re all guilty of it!

You can now use Google to find images and graphics that will go well with your site. You’ll need permission, and remember to give linkbacks crediting any original artwork or material. Flickr can be good for this.

Find a WYSIWYG Editor

What the heck is WYSIWYG? It stands for ‘what you see is what you get’ and is a great way to be introduced to the big wide world of website creating.

Think About Using Website Templates

A website template allows you to quickly use a design that is already pre made that you can choose a replace the text with your own. Fancy looking templates can be difficult to edit, so select a simple design until you feel more confident with your editing.

More Tips and Tricks

  • Read the site’s rules regarding posting and make sure you follow them.
  • Don’t rush your site; you want to make it yours and give it personality in order for it to be successful.
  • If looking for web hosting, search for promotional/coupon codes to save yourself a bit of cash.
  • There are plenty of tutorials on Youtube that can help you.
  • If you’ve got a small budget to spend on building a site, consider getting professional help from a company like www.ahoy.co.uk.
  • If you get even a small idea for your site, no matter how small, note it down because there’s every chance it could help somebody!
  • Don’t get too attached to some of your ideas – it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to do everything!

There you have it – you can now build your very own site for free!

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