Best Place to use your keywords

Best Place to use your keywords

After describing what your website is about, search engines pay close attention on the keywords you use in your Title, Heading, Body ,Meta tags and links. So make sure to provide rich keywords in those areas. Always try to keep rich keywords in the top of the page. Don’t use links in the top of the page. If user checks your post he reads from the top of the page. After seeing the link with keyword he clicks on the link. This is how you lost your visitors before completing whole page. Generally webmasters keep text links at the bottom of the page.

Always use keywords in headings. Google,Yahoo and most search engine algorithms checks First 3 keywords. And these Three keywords should be placed in Title with H1 tags. Except title we should not use H1 tags anywhere in home page. Keeping your keywords in Headings will boost your visitors. For example let us consider this post. Here i used these keywords in title — Best Place to use your keywords –.When you type – Best Place to use your keywords – in Google i hope my site will come in first page. Using these keywords you have to maintain keyword frequency within the post. A site wide average keyword density should be 2%. Density is the measure of frequency in relation to the total word count of the page.If your page is having 200 words, and your keyword phrase appears 10 times, density will be 5%.

There are meta tags with in the HTML code as Meta tags plays a major role. When search engine crawls website it first looks Meta tags and description. There is some debate that how important the meta tags are when comes across SEO but my point is Meta tags shouldn’t be ignored.

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