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Are you banned by Akismet for spaming?

You must have experienced that you try to post comments on your friends blog but  your comment never appears. This happens because you are banned by Akismet. Akismet system has been protecting WordPress bloggers for a while now from comment and trackback spammers.

Akismet system relies heavily upon blog owners marking your comments/trackbacks as spam and reporting them back to Akismet as such via the WordPress plugin. This means that many innocent bloggers are “false positives” in the Akismet system due to either malicious or ignorant behavior on the part of other bloggers.

I faced the same problem and went to akismet contact page to file my request, its been weeks and i haven’t received words back from them. Notice that they are using Math question on their contact form. Moreover, i have encountered scripts which can solve the math question in order to post spam messages.

There is a huge number of bloggers who are marked incorrectly as ’spammers’ by people who don’t like them for one reason or another or who’re simply ignorant and incorrectly marking any and all trackbacks as spam.

How Spammers can play with Akismet system and get you banned?

Lets take an example of a blogger who wrote a harsh comment on other blogger’s website. Now the other blogger will take his identity (username, email and URL) and put them into a spam script (believe me there are plenty out there) and he will set the script to send out 100’s of comments/trackbacks to other blogs. Of course, most of these blog owners who got the ’spam’ would flag these comments as spam. This would result in your credentials being incorrectly marked as spam comments by hundreds of bloggers, thus ruining your expertise to promote your site.

ignore.jpgWhat is surprising here that Akismet doesn’t do IP tracking. It seems that they could figure out that there were 10000 spammy comments from one IP address and 150 legitimate comments from another address. But, apparently, they don’t do this. What does it cost them in order to follow the above isn’t clear to me and many people are waiting until they change their logic to flag ID’s as SPAM, to me it looks like clear negligence. What about those who are falsely got banned because of some reason?

Million dollar Question is how to get unbanned from Amismet?

Well, there are two ways that can get your id unbanned by Akismet:

  • You can contact Akismet and ask them to un-ban your status
  • Ask those bloggers who have flagged you as Spam to change your status back to “Not Spam”.

What do you think? will that be easy, well i don’t think so.

Suggestions for Akismet

Akismet apparently relying too much on automated systems and this leaves the whole process open to exploitation by malicious individuals. Furthermore, they seem to place a lot of weight on just a few reports which could be simply ignorance of how trackbacks work or perhaps someone reacting out of anger to a negative comment.

Lastly, they need to make it crystal clear how to get your credentials cleared after being given a false positive status in the system. Having an anti-spam system for blogs is important. However, having an anti-spam system that can’t be easily gamed or that gives credibility where credibility isn’t due is also important. Akismet needs to step up and correct these serious and growing problems in their system.

What you can do to avoid all this and enjoy your posting the way you were doing earlier?

Well, I have used Disqus comments plugin for wordpress which takes commenting to next level. It automatically checks for spam but you will have option to approve any spam which you think isn’t a Spam. Moreover, you can track conversations with video comment option. You can build a community using that plugin on your website. Use it unless Akismet works out for you.

Ask your friends to flag your comments as “Not Spam” if they aren’t using Disqus plugin.

Have you been the victim of an Akismet false positive? Have you gotten a lot of Akismet false positives in your filter? Leave me a comment and let me hear your opinion. If you’ve got any thoughts, comments or suggestions for things we could add, leave a comment! Also please Subscribe to our RSS for latest tips, tricks and examples on cutting edge stuff.

  • My website is also banned from the Akismet system. I am testing your commenting system to see if this comment get banned.

  • Yes Camille you were marked as Spam by Akismet but i have manually un spammed your comment. I think it will help.


  • Two of my websites got banned from Askimet. Including this one that i'm commenting with. I emailed Askimet and they removed the first one.

    Have you tried doing that?

  • How can you tell if I am on the askimet banned list, or just if bloggers are choosing not to approve my comments?

  • You were in Akismet banned list and i manually had to un spam your comment thus your id. I think after few people do that you will not get banned by Akismet.

  • You were in Akismet banned list and i manually had to un spam your comment thus your id. Generally, if you are banned by Akismet your messages will go under Spam folder which people don't often check. But i got the email confirmations too so i had to manually un-spam your comment.

  • I have been banned and have no idea why. Sent them an email to try and get unbanned, not holding my breath. It's very odd because it's not a site I comment very often with and haven't done any commenting lately. Just out of the blue my site was flagged. Not only that but it's not even in a competitive niche that you would find spammers in.

  • FYI the site to check for being banned by akismet is http://podz.wordpress.com/2009/03/10/moved/

  • I guess websites that are banned must have gone over the limit set by akismet.

  • This has now happened to me!!

    Did you ever manage to get “unbanned” by Akismet?

    Can you “de-spam” this message if it is sitting in your spam bin

  • Well, Yes my account was banned by Akismet too somehow, but my friend circle kept putting me as NOT SPAM which helped Akismet to unban me as false positive. Your account don't seem to be in my SPAM list so it seems fine.
    Moreover, i would recommend not to leave links in your comments on other blogs which is the main cause behind getting banned. Let me know if this helped?

  • Basically, there is are few points which must be considered before commenting i.e.

    1. Don't leave links in your comments unless its extremely necessary (your link is always there in front of your name anyways)
    2. Don't write comments which are invaluable to the users i.e. (Nice post thanks)
    3. Don't write comments which are talking in no relation to the article (A health related article should not have comment about some marketing site etc.)

    Yes, nobody is supposed to comment on 100's of websites in a day and if Akismet finds this it treats it as SPAM for sure. Let me know if this helps?

  • I believe I've also been flagged as spam…

    I'll read a post from a dofollow blog, and then write a relevant comment pertaining to the post. When I submit the comment, I get a white screen. It just stays at wp-comments-post.php

    I will attempt to contact Akismet to resolve this issue but I'm skeptical, as I'd imagine many people who ARE spamming also attempt to get unblocked when this happens.

  • margesh

    The problem you have described i truly valid and i have also faced many times. When you submit your comments the screen goes blank, but when i dug more about this issue i found that this is more like a wordpress error.
    If you are banned by Akismet then you will not see a blank screen rather you will see a comment box which will not display your comment (your comment will reside inside SPAM messages)
    Many people contacted Akismet to resolve this issue but unfortunately they can't. The only option you have is to ask people to un-ban your comment, more people do this and this will make you false positive and there is a good chance to get unbanned in Akisment.

  • I found your post because I was wondering too if I am banned or not on a few sites. I would imagine that if you submitted your own comment to another site you owned it would show if you were banned or not??? I guess that is my next try.

  • My website got banned on akismet and it doesn't work on any wordpress blogs now. As soon i make a comment i shows a blank page which i have understood that it doesn't even hit the moderation queue so i am completely clueless now. On conatcting akismet see what reply did i get..
    Some bloggers consider your comments to be spam. If your comments are not published on some blogs, it is because the owners of those blogs have indicated that they believe your comments and others like them to be spam.

    Kind regards,

    Firstly, what is he talking about ?? Some lame stuff. I am not a robot..god damn it and i do not spam with links or bad sites etc and about commenting i would say that everyone does that, what's the harm in it. If we are not going to promote our site then who else would ..Akismet would ??

  • I understand the frustration involved with comment blocking and do understand how irretating this thing is. If you look above you will notice that i have written few points which will help your comments not marked as SPAM.

    As far as site promotion is concerned, you don't have to type a link in your comments as your name always become a link to your website.

    Use the above tips and see if your comments are not going to SPAM anymore. Ask your friends to un-spam your comments from admin. More people do that the higher probability is for you to be false positive.

  • I think it's pretty sad that Akismet is written this way. Don't ever tell them that you think it's a flaw in their software though; that's a good way to get flamed.

  • certainly that akismet plugin is a sure pain in the neck

  • Tim

    I am also experiencing the “white screen” thing since some time. I never did any spamming and have no idea, why this is happening.
    Thanks a lot for this article. I'll contact askimet.

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  • i already try contacting akismet an nothing happen…T_T

  • I was bored during class today and spent about 4 hours reading and commenting on blogs, fast forward 3-4 hours, I am now banned from akismet somehow 🙁 I sent them an email, hopefully that works, but in the meantime does anyone else know other suggestions?

  • bouncycastle

    please help me out too, I am very annoyed at these stupid people for automaticly blocking as spam, please vist hack my wii dot net and nixta dot co dot uk and leave comments and i will mark as NOT SPAM , if that helps you too,

  • bouncycastle

    please help me out too, I am very annoyed at these stupid people for automaticly blocking as spam, please vist hack my wii dot net and nixta dot co dot uk and leave comments and i will mark as NOT SPAM , if that helps you too,

  • Thanks for this post, I realized I was getting banned to and had no idea why. I think its because I hired a “seo” company to do some work for my website, and apparently they did a terrible job. Hopefully I can get “unblocked” and have everything go back to normal soon.

  • I really prefer discuss nowadays

  • SamFreedom

    Hi, and thanks for the fine article.

    I've just written an article called, “Fiverr: For $5 We Will Rip You Off!” and I was going around to blogs that wrote about how great FIVERR is and letting them know, via comment, that I had a very valid reason why it was NOT so great and was, ultimately, ripping off merchants. No one seems to have thought of this…

    So, I'm posting to various blogs and I notice my comments seem to either not appear or end up on a blank page that just hangs. It wasn't until I got to TechCrunch that I saw the lone word, “discarded” on a white page after I posted my comment.

    So, I typed “Can you be banned from commenting on WordPress?” into Google and that's how I found you. Now, I never leave spam comments on WordPress blogs. I just type everything in by hand, etc. But, I think you should write a follow-up post to this about how, if such erroneous spam reportage prevents me from creating legitimate, honest wordpress comments, that could, ultimately, affect the bottom line of my business.

    After all, legitimate posters add to the discussion and hope to get some traffic from it, ultimately, to build readership and, possibly, sales, or PPC profits. If Akismet does not offer a legitimate way for business owners to rectify a false-positive, can they not be sued?


    Thanks again for the info and the place to go to rectify it.


  • I think I've been banned by akismet, don't know why…..I always leave thoughtful comments. I really like Disqus though, great plugin.

    I assume Akismet, tracks from IP address, one could always get a proxy, I assume?

  • I just published a comprehensive post on this issue at http://www.growmap.com/akismet-deleting-comments/. There is a much larger problem than having your comments end up in spam – it is having them disappear altogether so that the blogger never even sees them to move them from spam to approved.

    I have just seen that myself recently and I can now prove that it does happen. Read that post for more details.

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  • The best way to unban is make many new comment that relevant o the topic and be approved by the site owner

  • Yes, that is a nice way but most of the site owners do not care about their SPAM comment list. Well i don't so unless someone specifically asks to un-ban i can't do it.

  • We should not comment just for the sake of commenting and generating back-links. While commenting make sure you understand what the article is all about and write a meaningful comment.

  • Have you heard back from askismet to see if you have been unbanned. We had a seo company that got our site banned and we are trying to get it unbanned.

  • not really

  • Hi, Thanks for the post. I'm pretty sure Akismet is blocking my comments. Is there any way for you to know, seeing as how it looks like you're using discus now.

  • Xclone

    I am going thru this right now. Have no idea why I my comments are being marked as spam and the Askimet website gives no clear way to contest being labeled. I contacted them and am now having to wait it out. Thanks for writing the article, it certainly helped clarify what was happening.

  • let see if my comment will get banned by askimet this time.

  • Ben

    Sorry guys I was just doing a test below, great blog about askimet, I believe you ar enot using it because my first post went trough, strangely all my post on my own blogs are getting rejected,this is not fun 🙂

  • Julie Day

    I have read the comments on this page and your article. Apparently no one has a solution for getting unbanned. I only started blogging 3 weeks ago and all of my comments were written after reading the article on the page and making an intellegent statement about it. Since my website sells products apparently a lot of people do not like commerical sites so they flag your comment as spam. After that your comment goes directly into a spam folder so the blog owner will never see it unless they go to the trouble of looking through that folder and clicking “Not Spam” for your comment. No one is going to do that unless they know you personally. Almost all blog owners will never see your comment at all.

  • I think one of my sites has been banned too. Let me try a comment here….

  • Sas


  • Umair

    I have contacted them twice in the last few weeks but they won’t reply back. Akismet is not perfect, sometimes it bans people who submit good comments on blogs.

    Some blog owners have even reported Akismet banning them from their own blogs.

    I don’t know why Akistmet is programmed to ban anyone who posts like 20 comments day on different blogs. If they are contributing comments then why not? How is that spam?

  • Umair

    Now this comment is pure spam. Why don’t you just delete it?

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  • Seriosly, Askimet is blocking all my comments for no reason…. I mean, when did I ever spam???? Any of you know the solution for this please?

  • Somtimes various spammers find out your email address and use it without your knowledge and finally leave the email id once its marked as SPAMMER. You can’t do much in this case but you can still ask your friends to manually mark your comments as “Not Spam”, which can slowly make your id good as new.

  • It is so discouraging to be hampered by spam detection/protection when I add quality and value to sites that I post on. I expect human moderators to judge the value of my comments, not automatic bot software. And the point about spammers using my email address is discouraging (I try to protect it from being shown publicly).

    I submitted a request to Akismet to investigate my situation and I await a response and/or resolution. Nov 29, 2010.

  • Alex

    Akismet started blocking my comments for no reason. Now I just sent them an email and I hope they will answer soon.
    Boy this is a bummer, I haven’t dont anything wrong but I still got flagged. I am curious if this comment will be marked as spam too.

  • E88johson

    I think I got banned for backlinking???


  • Elaine

    lol, an SEO expert asking if his comments are blocked.

  • Worldphoto


    Funny on the surface, but not deep down. :-). Anyway, it just goes to show that anyone can be falsely banned. I was banned for a while, but it looks Iike I’ve been unbanned because my post is showing up not.

  • Worldphoto

    That should be showing up now.

  • Akismet is too much dangerous when your competitor could put you in the blacklist as well 🙁

  • I am innocent and think that Akismet has banned my URL. It is very bad.

  • Here is a test page to check if you are banend.

  • I got banned yesterday for nor reason… Tried to contact them but no cigar so far… thanks for the post!

  • If this comment gets through then you don’t use Akismet.


  • I just did an online check and it said I was banned. I spent the better part of the day blog commenting. My comment shows here so are you not using Akismet or what?


  • @twitter-221360375:disqus Great page, thanks for sharing it. After some testing on that page they ban the email address and not the name or the URL. So change the email address that you use to blog comment and you are good to go. I will be a lot more careful.

    I would like to know if someone flagged me or after a # of comments within X amount of time Akismet is programmed to flag you?

    Does anyone know how that works?


  • The Cash Tornado

    Yeah Akismet is evil. Your competitors can easily get you banned and it’s enough to prevent blog commenting from being a viable traffic generation method – even if those comments are excellent. Damn you Akismet!

  • You can trying writing to Akismet and ask for an unban (doesn’t usually work) or just buy a new domain and redirect it. Or … don’t comment on WordPress blogs!

  • Thanks for the tool. Dammit, I’m banned. Grr….

  • Yep, I am banned by Akismet, I do only manual commenting and yes, I do put links but I wrote sensible comments, not spammy like Scrapeboxs’ :)u00a0

  • Posting links in your comments is a big NO, many blog owners don’t like that and hit “SPAM” button even without knowing the purpose. You should avoid that.

  • I see that more blogs are using Akismet, nhow to comment on these sites?

  • Thank you for this post,nfor a while Iu00a0thoughtu00a0that Wp blocked my IP.

  • Not only you, it seems most are blocked!

  • Please read the guidelines i have given above, i tried to explain do’s and don’ts of commenting.

  • Got!nthanks that here comments are allowed!

  • Akismet sucks big time!!! I am so pissed of at it. I do leave comments for getting backlinks but I always read posts and articles and when I leave comment it is always something useful to discussion. It is never just few words. I even check my comments to see if anyone has replied and then reply on replies and now I am banned. I mean really, what a shitty plugin.u00a0

  • Thanks you have solved my problem

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  • Don

    I would like to know if this comment ends up in your spam folder. I’m not sure whether I am being marked as spam by Akismet. Thanks

  • I think I may be banned by Akismet, but I’m not sure. I think it may be when I enter certain URLs in the website field. Ashish, any chance you could let me know if I end up in your spam filter?

  • Man my domain is banned for quite sometime now and I can’t get it unbanned. I’ve contacted them millions of times

  • Many thanks.

  • Akismet is suck, sometime I leave useful content, manually written and they still mark me as spam so I need to contact them later.

  • Is there aby chance of lifting Ban by akismet, I had written multiple times to akismet & they had replied for the first two emails then after they dont care about me

  • I’ve seen a number of reports saying that even one webmaster can get you banned in Akismet, just by marking a single comment as spam. Is this right? It seems like webmasters would just mark any “negative” feedback they get from users as spam and hurt their detractors.

  • How can you check if you are banned by Akismet?

  • Thanks for Tips

  • Why bother with Askimet? It just doesn’t work. There are lots of anti-spam plugins that do work.

  • Does anyone knows any tool to detect if you got banned from kismet?

  • as

    good information, but what does akismet usually ban? i mean url or email id?

  • It bans your email id.

  • Oliver Piotrowski

    I’d never even heard of Akismet until it banned me. I registered on a message board and posted links to my site and banner image, in a thread dedicated to affiliating with the forum. Akismet then banned me. I assume, for posting a link and image as a new account in a thread where I ‘had’ to post a link 🙁 grrr

  • This tool does not work, I typed in like 100 different things and it said they were all banned. Different domains and different names and email addresses from multiple domains. Am I doing something wrong here?

  • Ajay

    Thanks for your post . After I read this post I reported them about my problem. I removed my site by following a trick from http://bdtrickz.asia/akismet-banned-how-to-unblock

  • For some reason I’ve been marked as spam by akismet, no idea why but I’ve sent them an e-mail in the hopes that it gets fixed.

  • Interesting share! Thanks for the information man.

  • I have contacted them. I hope this is resolved

  • I have contacted Akismet to attempt to get my domain listed as “not Spam” although I have yet to hear back….very frustrating as I have never spammed anyone and always comment according to the topic. I wish there was an easier way…

  • Iris

    You are promoting fiverr you may banned be careful..

  • Yup. I’m on the Akismet blacklist. God knows what I did. It’s a frustrating problem as many of my favourite bloggers are on WordPress. I literally groan when I see their blogs these days and don’t bother commenting anymore. Sad, isn’t it?

  • Indian Pride

    My domain got banned by akismet 🙁

  • SEO

    Nice post